Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dear Billy Corgan: I hate you.

Dear Billy Corgan,

I hate you. Let it be known that you have disgraced all of the fans you attracted when you were making real music. You have been doing this very well for the past decade. When you were a kid, were you all like, "I wanna be a gimmicky jack-off when I grow up!" If so, bravo. In this you have succeeded.

I'd like to briefly call attention to the greatest turd of all time, brought to us by none other than you, Billy Corgan. I think it's supposed to be a promotional spot for some beastly, wrestling related television debacle. Thanks to your participation in this festering shit-party, I may never be able to listen to your music* again.

In closing, let me just say this: you have ruined the Smashing Pumpkins forever. And ever. The name is cursed, and so are you, Billy Corgan.

Disappointed & Over It

*music refers to SP albums before and up to Adore.


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  2. Here Here! Let it be known! Billy Corgan hast broughten shames upon alternatives rocketh foreverst!!!